Join myself and Richard Felix for a fabulous night at the atmospheric Derby Gaol, and allow yourself to be regressed to one of your past lives. Later in the evening be part of a unique experiment to try and communicate with the spirit of one guests past life. Previous experiments have given incredible information.

The evening will start with myself, explaining the theories of past lives and what you can expect. I will take you through the power of Guided meditation to a previous life. You will experience where you have lived, worked, what you were, your surroundings and eventually experience your death.
After this and once you have completely returned from your day dream state we will discuss your experience as a group. You may be surprised at what you were in another time.

Richard will then take over and educate you on what is a ghost, the theories, facts, his evidence and the incredible scientific approaches and results. It is amazing to hear how his explanation is very closely linked to the theories of our past lives.

During this session you will be fed and watered with a pie and mushy peas supper and a choice of a glass of red or white wine.

After we are all refreshed we will finish the evening with a unique experiment. A group seance to communicate with one guests spirit from a past life. Do not worry, if we are successful and you are chosen by spirit but you do not feel comfortable, you will not be forced to do anything you feel unhappy about.

As a social event the bar is open and you are welcome to purchase drinks, so remember to bring cash as we do not accept cards.

To join us for what will be a fabulous evening like no other you have experienced before, do get in touch.

Tickets are not advertised on our sites yet so hurry to secure your place.

During regression you will remain in complete control and can awake from your day dream state should you wish. You will not be made to do anything you feel uncomfortable with.
Denise x

Friday 13th December 2019 @ Derby Gaol 8pm – 12 midnight – £40 per person

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