Great for the Kids this Bank Holiday Saturday – Cheap Day Out From 1pm

Torture and execution. I actually don’t know of any execution that doesn’t involve a certain amount of pain and torture before death. The body is capable of resisting death, we are actually very hard to kill, we don’t give up easily. The only form of execution that I think is humane would be lethal injection but there are stories that even that doesn’t go according to plan.

Why don’t you come and join me at Derby Gaol on Saturday the 25th August 2018 from 1pm 

I’m doing two execution demonstrations,
1.00pm and 2.30pm.
£5 for adults and £3 for children.

Great for the Kids Summer Holidays only £3 for Children

Learn more about hanging, hanging drawing and quartering, the guillotine, breaking on the wheel, the firing squad, burning alive, all these terrible forms of execution we have administered on to our fellow human beings since life began on this planet.

I will be there, my wife Julia will be there, she will be running the bar and there will be teas and coffee, cakes and snacks for sale.
Come and see us next Saturday. We are taking nominations for execution.
Nominate the wife, your old man, your Mother in law, or perhaps the kids. We’re looking for volunteers.

See you there.


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